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Welcome to our shop! Here you can view and purchase our boxes available for an "Online Personal Break" or "Live Online Personal Break." We offer a variety of products, from non-sports and sports cards to trading cards.


Have Ally record you a personal box opening, or join the Saturday Night Live Breaks queue with a live personal break! If you're feeling lucky, vault yourself to the front of the line with one of our higher-end "skip" break eligible products.


Due to Upper Deck policy, we cannot publicly post prices or have a smooth checkout integration on our site for new UD products until 180 days after release. However, we now have an email-to-order and call to order system:

  1. Call the physical store or email the shop during business hours.

  2. Inquire about the specific product(s) of interest.

  3. Pay over the phone via secure credit card processing OR request a payment invoice to be sent through PayPal.

Check product availability on the "LIVE LISTS (BETA)" page.

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